• TM: showyon

    TM: showyon

  • TM: 骁洋

    TM: 骁洋

  • TM:恩加

    TM: 恩加

  • TM:ej

    TM: ej

  • showyon bidirectional children's bicycle

    showyon bidirectional children's bicycle

  • showyon bidirectional bicycle

    showyon bidirectional bicycle

  • showyon Split bicycle physiological saddle

    showyon split bicycle physiological saddle

  • showyon double shaft spring frame electric bicycle saddle

    showyon double shaft spring frame electric vehicle saddle


Focus on technology development of new bicycle products

hijiazhuang Hummer Technology Co., Ltd., born in Shijiazhuang, China in January 2011, is a technology-oriented company specializing in R&D and sales of bicycle and sporting goods technology.

We adhere to the mission of "providing excellent quality sports equipment for the health of hundreds of millions of people"; taking "developing sports and strengthening the people's physical fitness" as our responsibility, and striving to build a sports power to make a contribution; helping more people to obtain "Happy sports life" is our source of happiness and the driving force for unremitting struggle.

Image source: Shijiazhuang Xiaoma Technology Co., Ltd. official website